10 Warning Signs of Behavioral Change in Young Children

10 Warning Signs of Behavioral Change in Young Children



Being a parent, it is our responsibility to take care of the kids’ needs. You should express

your concerns over your child’s behavior because it is also important for physical health.

Parents get worried when they notice a sudden Change in their children’s behavior.

You should learn to differentiate between growing pains and behavioral changes. According

to the best Child Doctor in Rawalpindi, parents should prefer psychological interventions

over medicines. The pediatrician may prescribe your child dome medicines, but you need to

consider some behavior therapies too.

In some conditions, medicines also become a key element to treat the extreme aggressive

or dangerous behavior of the kids. It might be possible that someone or something is

disturbing them from their surroundings, and they need help.

Signs If Child Needs Professional Help for Behavior Issues

1. Dishonesty

Kids who always lie about their actions need your attention. The reasons may be different,

but such facts can cause issues in their future too. It might be possible that your child is

learning these things from their surroundings. You should take notice of whom they spend

their time the most and what they watch.

2. Frequent nightmares

Watching a horror story can result in a nightmare. There are multiple reasons reported that

cause the nightmares, but you should check the routine time of your children and what

content they watch and discuss. It might be possible that someone is disturbing them in real-

life, and they are scared.

3. Skipping school

It happens when your child does not want to go to school once a week or month, but it is not

normal if your kids frequently refuse to attend school. Peer pressure can also be a reason

that can disturb your child and make him/her skip school.

4. Using Drug at Early Age

When your teens or kids do not talk to you but spend most of the time in the room or outside,

it’s alarming. Parents must take an instant step to make sure whether they are hiding

something or using drugs.

5. Damage property

It’s a psychological issue if your child is damaging property. When teens have some fears,

they don’t express themselves with words but with actions. Such violent reactions can

completely change their lifestyle. You should talk and ask them the reason. Getting them

behavioral therapy could also be a good choice.

6. Threatening to Leave Home for Good

Kids who often threaten parents to leave the home also show red flags. There may be a

medical issue or growing pain, but you should look for a valid reason. Of course, they know

where they will go if they leave the home.

Someone can groom your child, but it is up to how you catch your child’s attention.

7. Stealing

When kids steal something, it shows that they have thought of missing things in their life.

The missing things may be the emotional support, but it could also be quality clothing or

food, etc.

8. Low Grades

If your child is going well in studies, but you suddenly notice a drop in their interest, take

notice. There must be something that is disturbing your kid, and he/she is not able to

concentrate on the school terms.

9. Self-Harm

If your child attempts self-harm activities, it shows that their thoughts are interrupted. Multiple

game apps give the task to the teens, and they accept the challenges. Suicidal game

addiction can also ruin the personality of your kids.

10. Anxiety

Kids often suffer from anxiety issues. Friends or peers often make fun that result in anxiety.

Such victims begin to feel that they are not good enough to socialize, and it interferes with

their social and daily activities.


Discussion with your teens and kids can help them a lot. You can express to them that you

are here for them. Experts from the Combined Military Hospital say that every child shows

different moods, but a pediatrician can help you ensure what they are going through by

checking the symptoms. It might be possible that your kid has no serious issues but

temporary mood swings.

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